The Virtual Lodge Of Instruction (Virtual-LOI)

Ritual Training Software in English for UK Freemasons

Produced by Freemasons, For Freemasons.

Built to run under the Microsoft Windows operating system, the Virtual Lodge Of Instruction (The Virtual-LOI) is a multimedia training tool designed to help you learn your ritual. It is suitable for learning the most popular Masonic ritual used in the UK.

The Virtual Lodge Of Instruction product is restricted to Freemasons.

Accordingly, you will be required to provide your Masonic credentials should you proceed with a purchase.


There is a separate set of Virtual CDs for each active officer.

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Demo Video


The Lodge room

The Deacons 'Admit the candidate"

(Screen shot from the Junior Wardens chair)

The Worshipful Master delivers the 'Working Tools'

A closer detail of the 'working tools'


Virtual CD-ROMs for the six Officers

We now offer downloadable CD ROM images for the six officers. These images (ISOs) can be mounted and run on your Windows PC just as if you were running physical CD ROMs. You may run the software on a Mac only by using a virtual Windows environment such as Parallels. If you need physical CDs for your machine you may print the ISO images to blank discs or contact us to arrange printing for you. We no longer offer for purchase the pre-packaged physical discs as most PCs are now produced without CD drives.

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Software License Only

This is to purchase if you wish to renew your initial two year license. 

This will enable you to install and activate the Virtual-LOI software on a new PC.

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